McKinney Solutions - Advancing Chirst-Centered Higher Education

The following individuals have worked with Larry McKinney in various higher education settings and can speak to his experience and abilities:  

Dr. Jim J. Adams
President Emeritus, Life Pacific University

Dr. Robert  C. Andringa
President Emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
Managing Partner, The Andringa Group 

Dr. David Arnett
President, Northpoint Bible College

Dr. W. Sherrill Babb
President Emeritus, Cairn University (formerly Philadelphia Biblical University)  

Dr. Gary Bailey
President, Biblical Life Institute

Dr. Lee Barnett
Assistant Provost and Dean of Students, Columbia Southern University

Dr. Randall E. Bell
Director Emeritus, Commission on Accreditation, Association for Biblical Higher Education  

Dr. Gary Benedict  
Retired President, The Christian and Missionary Alliance, U.S.A  

Dr. Dennis Bielfeldt
President, Institute of Lutheran Theology

Dr. Bruce Cannon
Retired President, Yellowstone Christian College

Dr. Scott Carson,
President, Southeastern Baptist College

Dr. William C. Crothers
President Emeritus, Roberts Wesleyan University
Managing Senior Associate, Presidential Leadership Associates, LLC  

Carol Dibble
Director of Operations and Communication, Association for Biblical Higher Education    

Dr. Ralph E. Enlow, Jr.
President, Association for Biblical Higher Education  

Chuck Faber
Chief Academic Officer, Boise Bible College

Gordon Flinn
President, GoForth Consulting
Former Vice President for Advancement, Simpson University

Dr. Keith Hamilton
President, Alaska Christian College

Dr. James R. Hart
President, Institute for Worship Studies

Dr. Stan Helton
President, Alberta Bible College

Dr. David Hoyte
President, Regional Bible College

Raymond L. Homan
Retired President, Across Town Movers, San Diego, CA
Board of Trustees, Simpson University 

Dr. Steve Hostetter
President, Pacific Rim Christian University

Dr. David H. Johnson
President, Providence University College and Seminary

Dr. Brian Libbeck
Academic Dean, Northpoint Christian College

Dr. LaTanya Lucas
President, Carolina Christian College 

Wayne Lynch
Educational and Fundraising Consultant, Crossworld Consulting Group
Elden G. McDirmit, CPA
Managing Director, McDirmit Davis Company, LLC, Orlando, FL
Former Public Member, Commission on Accreditation, Association for Biblical Higher Education
Former Member, Board of Trustees, Simpson University

Dr. Mark Milioni
President, Baptist Bible College and Seminary  

Jeremy Miller
President, Rosedale Bible College   

Dr. Thomas J. Perry, MD, OBGYN
Generations of Women, Redding, CA
Board of Trustees, Simpson University  

Dr. Rob Reimer
President, Steinbach Bible College

Dr. Michael G.  Scales
President, Nyack College  

Gary Schellenberg
Vice President Emeritus, Providence University College and Seminary  

Dr. Brian D. Smith
President, Dallas Christian College

Terry Stine
President, St. Louis Christian College

Don Streuber
President, Bison Transport, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Former Chair, Board of Governors, Providence University College and Seminary  

Dr. Peter W. Teague
President Emeritus, Lancaster Bible College  

Robert Thurman
President, Brookes Bible College

Dr. Sheryl  A. Vasso
Professor of Education and Master of Education Program Adviser, Cairn University

Dr. Jon  R. Wallace
President Emeritus, Azusa Pacific University 

Ryan Ward
President, Montana Bible College   

Brad Williams
Director of Financial Services, College Options 
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Simpson University

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