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Third Anniversary of McKinney Solutions


I retired from the presidency of Simpson University in the summer of 2013 and moved 3100 miles from Redding, California to Orlando, Florida with my wife, Debbie.   While I was looking forward to less stress after having served as an academic administrator for 33 years, I still had a strong commitment to Christ-centered higher education.  I wanted to focus on institutional effectiveness, strategy and change for  Christian colleges and universities.  The outcome of my burning passion was the launch of a consulting service called "McKinney Solutions" in September of that same year.  I have never regretted my decision to embark upon this consulting ministry in semi-retirement.   I now find myself celebrating the third anniversary of McKinney Solutions.

First, I thank the leadership of the Association for Biblical Higher Education, an accreditation and professional development agency that serves more than 200 institutions in Canada and the United States, for their support.  The majority of the institutions and educational leaders that I serve are members of ABHE.  I have the opportunity of doing some occasional work as a Commission Staff Representative on some of the ABHE accreditation visits, providing   guidance to the peer evaluators who serve as team members 

Second, I express appreciation to the many presidents and other academic leaders who have permitted me to visit their campuses and assist them in carrying out their respective missions.  These institutions are located all over Canada and the United States, representing different theological traditions, cultures, and ethnicities.   Knowing the challenges that many private higher education institutions face with respect to smaller enrollments and limited financial resources, I am able to focus on seeing institutions and their leaders reach their full potential.   I understand what it means to bring about institutional turnaround, to effect change.  I want to help institutions develop a positive and sustainable future.  I am about solutions!  My consulting services has included executive coaching with new and experienced presidents; strategic planning with a focus on institutional  mission, vision, core values, priorities, goals, and specific action plans; assessment of institutional health with attention given to risk indicators and areas that demand immediate attention; and board training and development in all aspects of higher education governance. 

Finally, I am grateful that God continues to give me opportunities to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education in a consultative capacity.  My wife and I, our two children, and their spouses have all benefited from Christian higher education.   I pray the same for our grandchildren.  Thank you Lord that I can continue to help colleges and universities to develop Christians who can think, live, and serve effectively in the church and the world.


Larry J. McKinney
Higher Education Consultant

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