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Canada Outlines Plans to Expand International Education

AUGUST 28, 2019

The  Government of Canada has outlined its five-year plan to invest $30 million over the next five years to diversify international recruitment at Canada's postsecondary institutions, as well as allocating $95 million for study-abroad initiatives for domestic students, reports the Globe and Mail.  With more than half of the country's current international students coming from China and India, the government hopes to attract students from Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey, France, and Ukraine.  "We're really pleased with the countries [the government] has chosen," said Universities Canada President Paul Davidson.  "We don't want to be poachers of talent, we want to be partners."  The government's efforts to expand international recruitment and study-abroad opportunities are part of a $148 million international strategy.

While the public universities, the dominant higher education sector in Canada, stand to be the primary beneficiaries of these international education initiatives, it must not be forgotten that a number of private Christian colleges and universities have experienced growth in international students within recent years.  This trend can certainly be attributed to the openness of the Canadian government to international students, but it also grows out of the relationships that Christian higher education institutions have developed with churches and mission organizations outside of Canada.

Larry J. McKinney
Higher Education Consultant

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