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Sixth Anniversary of McKinney Solutions

AUGUST 4, 2019

When I retired from the presidency of Simpson University in the summer of 2013, I still hand a strong desire to be involved in Christ-centered higher education in a semi-retirement capacity.  The outcome of my continuing passion was the launch of a consulting service called McKinney Solutions.  I now find myself celebrating the sixth anniversary of McKinney Solutions with a heart of gratitude.

First, I thank the leadership of the Association for Biblical Higher Education, an accreditation and professional development agency that serves about 200 institutions in Canada and the United States, for their support.  Second, I express my gratitude to the many academic leaders who have invited me to their campuses to assist therm in carrying out their respective missions.  And finally, I give God the glory for continuing to give me opportunities to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education through a consulting ministry.  Thank you Lord that I still help colleges and universities develop Christians who can think, live, and serve effectively in the church and the world.

Larry J. McKinney
Higher Education Consultant
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