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Helping Individuals And Institutions Reach Their Full Potential

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While colleges and universities have unique histories and mission statements that define their role in the world, they often lack in terms of vision and a clearly articulated plan for the future. Furthermore, these institutions are frequently limited in terms of resources to support their mission and academic programs because of sagging enrollments and budget shortfalls.

Colleges and universities are facing challenging times, but there are workable solutions. This is where Larry McKinney can be of particular help to your institution. As a higher education consultant, he specializes in institutional effectiveness, strategy, and change for Christian colleges and universities.

Larry McKinney will listen carefully. It will not be a "one shoe fits all" approach. Higher education institutions have different needs that require tailor-made planning. He will work closely with institutions and their leaders to reach their full potential. He will help institutions develop strategic solutions that produce lasting results.


He will work closely with the leadership of institutions to meet their goals for institutional effectiveness and to achieve meaningful results.

      • Analyze institutional health and effectiveness
      • Design the process to be followed
      • Determine stakeholders who will participate in the process
      • Clarify/Develop the goals to be achieved
      • Formulate a clear action plan for moving forward
      • Establish a tracking system for assessing progress
      • Provide coaching for effective execution


He will assist leaders in seeing institutions reach their full potential.

        • Achieve financial health
        • Experience enrollment growth
        • Explore opportunities
        • Build capacity
        • Recalibrate direction
        • Manage institutional change
        • Increase institutional effectiveness


He will collaborate with institutional leadership in engaging the right people in the process.

  • President and senior leadership team members
  • Other key institutional leaders/faculty/staff
  • Board members
  • Special committees/task forces
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